Flange Insulation Kit - Standard Kit Type E ANSI 150


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Introducing our Flange Insulation kit Type E ANSI 150, which comprises of a full-face neoprene-finished phenolic insulating gasket, accompanied by an insulating sleeve and two insulating washers for every bolt. Plus, two zinc-plated mild steel washers are included for each bolt.

  • 1 Insulating Flange Gasket
  • 1 Insulating Sleeve per bolt
  • 2 Insulating Washers per bolt
  • 2 Zinc-plated Mild Steel Washers per bolt

Often referred to as gasket insulation kits or flange isolation kits, they are meticulously designed to electrically segregate and shield flanged connections within pipelines dedicated to the conveyance of volatile liquids.

The optimal choice of flange insulation kits hinges upon your requirements. All of our kits are engineered to endure the rigors of pressure and temperature that match your unique applications.

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